If you are planning on selling your property, you may be trying to put together the advantages and disadvantages of selling it yourself versus entering into a real estate agent agreement, or maybe you are trying to decide who may be the best agent with whom you should list your property. Well the answer is not as clear cut as you may be hoping for and there are many variables that you may want to further consider. So let us give you some food for thought.

If you are pondering a for-sale-by-owner situation, you should ask yourself these
questions first…

  • Who are my possible buyers?
  • Are they recreational sportsmen, investors, row crop farmers, cattle farmers, group hunters, or a combination of the above?
  • How can I reach the target demographics?
  • Are your motivations for selling monetary because of a financial situation, a desire to upgrade into a newer property, or because of a life changing event?
  • How quickly do you need to sell your property?
  • Do you care about the future of the property after a sale has been consummated and there is a new owner who controls the property?
  • What things can a real estate agent do for you that you can’t do for myself?
  • Do you have the time to handle all the necessary paperwork and are you willing to accept of the liability in handling certain documents?
  • Are you willing to spend the necessary money for advertising and do you have the knowledge to determine where that advertising should take place?
  • Can you help find creative financing solutions to help buyers secure a loan for your property?

All of these questions are serious considerations that are shouldered by a qualified real estate representative when you decide to work with a real estate agent. If you choose to partner with a real estate representative, the issue now becomes one of choosing the right agent that can address your needs. You wouldn’t take your child to a dentist if he has a cough, and you wouldn’t take your dog to a gunsmith, so why would you trust the sale of your acreage to anyone but a specialist that deals with recreational and agricultural buyers on a daily basis?

With Neil Fishbaugher and Alliance Land Company, you can place your mind at ease. We specialize in the sale of recreational and agricultural properties working as independent agents licensed under Alliance Land Company, Hasting MN. If you choose to work with us, a custom marketing plan will be developed and provided for your individual property that will target the right group of individuals searching for a property like yours.  allianceland.net has an incredible database already in place of possible buyers from both investment and recreational backgrounds. With a complete email update service in place for prospective buyers, an advanced and qualified pool of investors, and an extensive overall marketing plan and system, Neil Fishbaugher and Alliance Land Company maximizes the exposure your property will receive in a way that no other agency can.

Call us now to schedule a property evaluation and see why Neil Fishbaugher and Alliance Land Company has the answers you have been looking for and the tools needed to make a hassle-free, timely, and efficient property sale or exchange.

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